One of the cool things about striking out on your own and marching completely to your own beat is how complete inapplicable so much of “normal” life becomes. It hit me today while I was killing time in a mall in Nashville, waiting out rush hour traffic on my way to the airport.
As I walked around and passed store after store selling stuff that used to appeal to me all I could feel was an overwhelming sense of non-applicability. All sorts of clothes, home furnishings, watches, sunglasses, TV’s, and jewelry, and I had not a use for any of them. The feeling was liberating!
This is not at all a bash on consumerism. By all means if you like a large shoe collection and designer furniture knock yourself out! (Odds are I’ll be hitting you up for a place to crash for a night or two). So whatever you do, get the furniture situation locked down.
The sensation was cool though. Seeing furniture reminded me that I have no house. Seeing clothes reminded me I have no furniture. The jewelry, no one to buy it for, and the watches that I had no where to be anytime soon.
Mentally, for a little while, I was already at sea and loving it.
It got me pondering though on how much has changed, and how little connection I feel to normalcy. I don’t use the company’s 401K match because I won’t be there long enough to be vested. I don’t really care about meeting the important people in the company because I’m not building a career. PTO seems like such a foreign concept to me because I can’t image wanting to do anything else.
The return though for this profound disconnection, this non-applicability, is an awesome, exhilarating sense of focus! I know exactly what I want to accomplish professionally and my hair is on fire to get it done! While most people are (rightly given that they actually have real responsibilities) concerned with job security I got excited this week when I found a way to maybe, just maybe, accomplish my goals a year early and start sailing in 2016 instead of 2017.
So, in closing, I’m having fun living for the mission and feeling out of place in a shopping mall. I can think of worse ways to spend my time on this rock!

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